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What's Working in Arkansas State Standards shares four inspiring examples of how educators have implemented rigorous standards in Arkansas. Together, they show what success looks like in the areas of in-school instruction, out-of-school programs, professional development, and the transition from high school to college and career. Here is What Works:

Bryant Public Schools – In-School Instruction

Bryant Public Schools instituted a new and effective instructional approach that promoted teacher ownership of curriculum and student ownership of learning. Teachers also prioritized clear communication with the Bryant community about rigorous standards. 

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Marvell-Elaine Reads Out-of-School Instruction


Through a school-community partnership, the community of Marvell-Elaine provided rigorous, high-quality instruction all summer long. As a result, children made significant educational gains during a time when they would otherwise lose what they'd learned in school. 

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Arkansas Public School Resource Center’s ABC Initiative Professional Development

By providing curriculum-centered professional development and setting up a teacher network founded on peer learning and responsive technical support, the ABC Initiative helped teachers learn the most effective ways to implement rigorous standards in their classrooms. 

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Project Lead the Way Transition from High School to College and Career

Through a hands-on curriculum that emphasized a collaborative, project-based, and problem-solving approach to instruction, Project Lead the Way reinforced college and career readiness. 

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These Bright Spots show how to implement rigorous, high-quality standards in communities throughout Arkansas to prepare every student for college and the workplace. These Bright Spots teach us several lessons about how to provide students the exceptional education they deserve:

1. Engage and mobilize families, educators, and community leaders

Families, educators, and community leaders have devoted themselves, often on a voluntary basis, to the development and implementation of high-quality instruction. Every Arkansas resident plays a crucial role in preparing students to succeed.

2. Individuals and organizations must collaborate and share resources

The partnerships documented in this report reflect how effective collaboration and resource sharing are for creating a brighter future for students.

3. Provide intensive and continuous training for teachers

Teachers need intensive, continuous training so they can provide the instruction students deserve in a way that addresses students' diverse educational needs.



What's Working in Arkansas State Standards shares models from Arkansas's implementation of rigorous, high-quality standards that communities across the U.S. can learn from. We encourage you to call or visit each of these Bright Spots to learn more. Also, Arkansans are committed to continuous improvement by learning from other communities' and state's innovative approaches. Reach out to the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation at programstaff@wrfound.org to share what's working in your community as well.